Readers' guide

This annual report informs parliament and the Australian public about the performance of the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) during the 2014–15 financial year. It has been prepared in accordance with the Annual Report Requirements approved by the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit.

In addition to demonstrating the Commission's performance to parliament, this report also informs stakeholders, educational institutions, the media and the general public about the Commission's work.

This guide will help you to locate information within the report. More detailed information can also be found in the table of contents.

The report is divided into five parts.

Part 1 – Overview

This part provides an overview of the Commission's activities throughout the year. It includes the President's introduction, the General Manager's overview, a summary of the Commission's performance and a discussion of its major achievements.

Part 2 – About the Commission

This part explains who the Commission is, what it does and the value it delivers to the Australian community. It includes information about the Commission's organisational structure, outcome and programme structure set out in the 2014–15 Portfolio Budget Statements, history, stakeholder and community engagement and changes it is making through its Future Directions program.

Part 3 – Performance reporting

This part discusses the Commission's work in detail and its performance against deliverables and key performance indicators as set out in the 2014–15 Portfolio Budget Statements.

Part 4 – Management and accountability

This part discusses Commission management, including its corporate governance framework, human resources, financial management and external scrutiny.

Part 5 – Appendices

The appendices provide detailed data that support the Commission's performance in this period. For a full list of appendices, refer to the table of contents.