Guide – Opening Exhibition

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05 January 2017

A brief list of the items in the opening display.

Portraits of Past Presidents of the Commission

  • The Hon Justice O’Connor
  • The Hon Justice Higgins
  • The Hon Justice Powers
  • The Hon Justice Dethridge
  • The Hon Justice Beeby
  • The Hon Justice Piper
  • The Hon Justice Drake-Brockman
  • The Hon Justice Kelly
  • The Hon Justice Kirby
  • The Hon Justice Moore
  • The Hon Justice Maddern

Panel 1 Sir Richard Kirby

  • Group portrait of Judicial Members taken circa 1973.
  • Kirby portraits.
  • Article and photographs from Kings School Newsletter 1922.
  • Articles regarding retirement (1973).

Panel 1 (reverse) Full Bench of the Arbitration Commission

  • Full Bench of the Australian Industrial Court c 1949-1956.

Portraits of:

  • The Hon Justice M W D McIntyre
  • The Hon Justice Dunphy
  • The Hon Justice Alfred W Foster
  • The Hon Justice Francis Daniel Kelly
  • The Hon Justice Sidney C G Wright

Panel 2 Women of the Commission

Possibly the welcome Ceremony for Commissioner Allsop, The Hon J Robinson presiding circa 1971. (Includes Commissioner J J Cohen, The Hon Justice Mary Gaudron, Commissioner Pauline M Griffin).

Portraits of:

  • The Hon Justice E Evatt
  • The Hon Justice Mary Gaudron
  • The Hon Justice J J Cohen
  • Commissioner Pauline M Griffin
  • Commissioner P St G Barnes
  • Commissioner J Oldmeadow
  • The Hon President Deidre O’Connor
  • Commissioner R D Dight

The first all female Full Bench 21 April 1989 (photo from the Age archive), plus articles.

Newspaper articles from 1910 and 1914.

Panel 3 In the Commission

Group portrait of Commissioners circa late 1960’s of an unknown event.

Portraits of:

  • Mr Commissioner Terence C Winter
  • Mr Commissioner John L Gough
  • Mr Commissioner John P Horan OBE
  • Mr Commissioner Douglas P Apsey
  • Mr Commissioner Norman J Hood
  • Mr Commissioner Leonard G Matthews
  • Mr Commissioner John Rawdon Donovan
  • Mr Commissioner James Edward Taylor CBE
  • Mr Commissioner John H Portus OBE DFC
  • Mr Commissioner Leslie P Austin (Brig)
  • Mr Commissioner G A Findlay

Newspaper articles from 1907.

Panel 4 The First Registration of an Industrial Organisation

May 1905 (The Merchant Service Guild of Australasia)

  • Eager to register, the Guild sends a telegram to the Industrial Registrar.
  • Unfortunately there are no Regulations or Forms!
  • The Guild starts to get a bit anxious.
  • Still no Regulations, and the Registrar doesn’t think the Guild’s name complies with the Act!
  • The Guild defends its name.
  • Still no Regulations!
  • At last the Guild can register–once payment is made.
  • The Guild arranges payment.
  • Registration.
  • The Certificate.
  • The Rules
  • Some examples from the Register of Organisations

Newspaper articles from 1906.

Panel 5 An Early Dispute

Marine Cooks, Bakers and Butchers Association of Australasia v Commonwealth Steamship Owners Association 29th June 1908.

  • The Register of Disputes.
  • The form of the Order made and signed by the President of the Court, Mr. Justice Higgins on 26 November 1908.
  • Newspaper articles from 1907 and 1920.

Wall Cabinet

  • The Registry–election registrations, fines and receipt ledgers.
  • Annual Reports–a selection focusing on the presidency of Sir Richard Kirby.
  • The Basic Wage.
  • Books, articles, pamphlets relating to Sir Richard Kirby.

Freestanding Cabinet

Books belonging to or autographed by Sir Richard Kirby.