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07 March 2016

These are the past members of the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration in chronological order from 1905 to 1956, including Deputy Presidents, Chief Judges, Judges and Concilation Commissioners.

Deputy Presidents

Powers, Sir Charles, KCMG, 1913–21
Isaacs, Sir Isaac Alfred, PC, GCB, GCMG, 1917
Starke, Sir Hayden Erskine, KCMG, 1920–21
Gavan Duffy, Sir Frank, PC, KCMG, 1921–22
Rich, Sir George Edward, PC, KCMG, 1921–22
Quick, Sir John, 1922–30
Webb, Noel Augustin, 1922–27

Chief Judges

Dethridge, George James, 1926–38
Beeby, Sir George Stephenson, KBE, 1939–41
Piper, Harold Bayard, 1941–47
Drake–Brockman, Edmund Alfred, CB, CMG, DSO, 1947–49
Kelly, Sir William Raymond, KBE, 1949–56
Kirby, Sir Richard Clarence, AC, 1956


Lukin, Lionel Oscar, 1926–43
Beeby, Sir George Stephenson, KBE, 1926–39
Drake–Brockman, Edmund Alfred, CB, CMG, DSO, 1927–47
Piper, Harold Bayard, 1938–41
O’Mara, Thomas, 1939–46
Kelly, Sir William Raymond, KBE, 1941–49
Foster, Alfred William, 1944–56
Sugerman, Bernard, 1946–47
Kirby, Sir Richard Clarence, AC, 1947–56
Dunphy, Edward Arthur, 1949–56
Wright, Sydney Charles Grenville, 1951–56
McIntyre, Malcolm William Donald, 1952–53
Morgan, Sir Edward James Ranembe, 1952–56
Ashburner, Richard, 1954–56

Conciliation Commissioners

Chief Conciliation Commissioners

Mooney, George Austin, 1947–54 
Galvin, John Michael, CBE, 1954–56

Conciliation Commissioners

Coneybeer, Edmund, 1930–34 
Stewart, Murray Milne, OBE, 1940–53 
Morrison, Donald Vincent, 1940–52 
Middlemiss, Anthony Ronald, 1941–45 
Mooney, George Austin, 1941–47 
Rowlands, Edgar Harrold, 1942–47 
Blakeley, Arthur, 1941–52 
Portus, John Hereford, OBE, DFC, 1944–56 
Willis, Albert Charles, 1944–46 
Craig, Henry John, 1944–45 
Findlay, George Andrew, 1944–56 
Austin, Leslie Paul, 1947–56 
Blackburn, Arthur Seaforth, VC, CMG, CBE, 1947–55 
Buckland, George Henry, 1947–54 
Donovan, John Rawdon, 1947–56 
Dwyer, John Vincent, 1947–53 
Kelly, Francis Daniel, 1947–56 
Wallis, Alfred Russell, 1947–53 
Galvin, John Michael, CBE, 1947–54 
Knight, Hamilton, 1947–53 
Hewitt, Joseph Martin, OBE, 1947–56 
Hall, Vivian Gerald, 1949–53 
Tonkin, Eric William, 1949–56 
Chambers, Edward Alfred Charles, CBE, 1954–56 
Webb, Frederick John, 1954–56